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we buy back parts for Recycling projects, shredding, process and refine it.

Endless Possibilities

Hardware decommissioning is a complex process, with the threat of data exposure looming large in the background. We’ve differentiated ourselves by creating cutting-edge technology that eliminates all data exposure risk from the process. We also deliver customized solutions for each client, as well as the most efficient job completion timelines and the highest financial returns in the industry.


Recycle - E-Waste Recycling
  •  Smart Sort and Separation
  • Certified Destruction Services
  • Material Collection Programs
  • We hold multiple certifications and strive for maximum landfill diversion for almost every product.
Refurbrish - Looking to profit from your un-sellable goods?

We have the ability to re-sell your goods at one of our facilities.

  • RMA Asset Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Logistics Services
  • Close-Out & Auction
  • Vendor Owned Inventory
  • Repairs
Reduce - Ewaste Awarness and reporting
  • Our custom reports deliver the data you need for your company’s reporting standards, regardless of what services you are utilizing.
  • Custom Reporting
  • Multiple Certifications
  • IT AUDIT Complaint.